How Does User Experience (UX) Influence SEO

Google might be silent about UX or user experience as a factor that affects the ranking of the site. There has been no confirmation coming from them. However, one thing is for sure that the Panda algorithm measures the quality of the page or website. A SEO company in Melbourne, Websites That Sell cover this in more detail on their site and you can also get more info from their Melbourne SEO facebook page.

To give you an overview about UX having an influence on SEO, read on:

Users Are People

There is a huge possibility that Google takes into consideration the “dwell time” of a user. The length of time that a user stays on a site. With this in mind, do consider every factor to make a user stay longer.

Always remember users are people and not robots. Their attention span is short. If you can not catch their attention, give them what they need, they will surely leave the site.

So, what you should do is take ensure that the needs, as well as the questions of your audience, are being addressed much better than your competition. With this, you will surely see how well you do against your competition.

Overall UX

One thing is for sure Google does care about the overall experience of the users. The thing is the tools used to measure this is quite limited. As to what Google uses about overall UX is unclear.

However, do take note that as a webmaster and publisher, you do need to put your eyes on the UX. This has an influence on SEO.

Google Understanding Users

One thing that most publishers would agree is that Google has been trying to understand the behavior of the users or how they interact with the content on the site.

It has been speculated that over the course of time, even a website that ranks quite well can get a huge hit if based on Google’s algorithms your site is not solving a user’s problem.

Yes, having a high ranking website is great. Do take note it forms part of the equation. Webmasters and publishers should also ensure that the site does solve the problem of the searcher (user).

Bottom line, it all boils down to the future of SEO and what can be done today to be of relevance for tomorrow. It is a given fact that it would take time for a page to rank. Thus, it is highly advisable that as early as now, to do a refining of a website that it would yield towards having a much better engagement from the users and plus, it does convert. What good traffic is if it does not convert. Do keep that in mind.

Do take a look at your site and see if it does solve problems of the user. Does it convince the user to stay longer on your site and even pushed them to share your content via social media? If it does not, then you already know what to do? Do revamp your website to cater to the needs of your target audience. This will surely have an impact on your ranking and sales, even. You could even take a course in UX and see if that helps…

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